Wednesday, 25 April 2018

My golden girl is gone

My golden girl is gone,
Lost, with her honey coloured skin
And silver hair.
She left me almost empty,
Paler, and with less substance.
Her scent's still on the air,
And an impression
Almost like a ghost.
She left with few words.
No point in words,
The distance is too great.
Half a world's between us now.
"I have a question."
"Oh, I've forgotten.
But, we'll keep in touch."
With that
My golden girl is gone.

Looking for the chimera

The supernaturals,
Shaman or chicanery?
We look for signs,
Outside ourselves, or within.
Isn't there enough,
More than enough, mystery?
Questions within questions,
Until we lose ourselves.
Lost in a haze of doubt,
We are left
Looking for the chimera,
With a wish to be awestruck.
Faith wins over uncertainty,
And heart wins over mind.
But, oh, those worrying contradictions.
Then, we long for reassurance,
Miracles and confirmation
Of values long held.
All coated perhaps
With a sense of wonder.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Too gentle, perhaps

A quiet man and gentle.
Too gentle, perhaps,
Loving and kind!
Too kind?
Is that possible?
What does it really mean?
How much kindness is too much?
Is it when kindness
Slides into sacrifice?
But isn't sacrifice good?
"You, before me"
Alway, sometimes, never?
And what about love?
"Oh, love is always sacrifice."
"No, it isn't.
Love can be bloody selfish."
But then is that love?
And should you pay the price?